Tuesday, September 15, 2009

They Strike Again


  1. oh my god what did you just do to me i'm i'm a girl a girl this is werid i now have breast and a pussy and and everything that is oh so girly this is strange but wonderful i'm all soft and round now and and i want you to make me a permanent girl forever please hurry i am now so very horny like i nver was as a mle feels so good so right being a girl at last please hurry and fill me up like a girl desreves to be my pussy can hardly wait i'm a girl at last!

  2. I'm sure that's what any woman wants, to be raped! You're sick!

  3. For those who choose to comment anonymously, please remember that you know nothing of me.

    What you failed to notice in your "OMG! Rape!" reaction is that the caption was created to ironically point out the fact that several situations that appear in TG captions could be considered rape in some form.

    The grey area falls in whether it really is rape if the 'victim' is a willing participant in the situation. Trust me. There are plenty of TG caption readers who would willingly place themselves in the role of the 'victim'.

    If this sort of thing isn't in your wheelhouse, move along to some other corner of the internet and stop sullying my doorstep.


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