Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cursed Again

By request, here is a cap where the woman isn't naked.


  1. You'd think he'd be used to being his roommates' sex-buddy by now. I'll bet the roommate's enjoying this (I'm willing to bet he doesn't have or need a girlfriend of his own).

    Maybe he needs a taste of his own medicine, that is, if he's actually behind this instead of just unorganized. If it really was an accident... well, maybe he needs a taste of his own medicine anyway. ;-)

  2. honey whenever you want to swap permanetly i am so willing to do so just becasue i would much rather be a cute girl then a guy i have never really wanted to be male girls get to wear such cute pretty cloths and i want that oh so very much i would love to be in denem skrts blouse bra and panties instead of male clopths nay time at all so when ever you want to change permeatly i am more then ready to transform with you and then i can be a girl for good at last i want breast and a vigina instead of this penis always in the way you can fuck me but only when i am a girl for good i want what a girl has and gets i want a pussy i want to be cute and pretty i want to be a girl! please and why not it really is better to be female then male trust me on this!


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