Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Final Cut

It turns out that today is a double feature.  Not only do you get some guest captions to sample, you get a brand new two panel caption from me.

My thoughts have turned to Halloween with the month of October rolling in.  With it has come a creative slant toward a more horror genre...or at least a horror spoof.  I'm sure that anyone reading this caption will immediately know the source of inspiration that spawned it.

As soon as I saw the image of the long haired Asian girl with her back to the camera, my mind went directly to work.  You might say that it haunted me until I pulled together the pieces to loose it on all of you.

Read carefully, dear reader.  You never know if the spirit of the season might come for you.

Guest Caps by Dawn Carrington

I was recently contacted by a reader of this blog with an interesting proposition.  Since I've been busy fighting the good fight with real life recently, I decided to give it a try to see where it goes.

Dawn Carrington, a writer at TG World, came to me and offered up some of her own captions to be posted here.  After taking a look and seeing promise in them, I've agreed to post up a batch of her captions for you all to peruse.

Feel free to leave comments to let me know how you feel about me posting guest caps.  If you like what you see, leave some feedback for Dawn here.  If you really like them, go read her own caption blog:

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