Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Final Cut

It turns out that today is a double feature.  Not only do you get some guest captions to sample, you get a brand new two panel caption from me.

My thoughts have turned to Halloween with the month of October rolling in.  With it has come a creative slant toward a more horror genre...or at least a horror spoof.  I'm sure that anyone reading this caption will immediately know the source of inspiration that spawned it.

As soon as I saw the image of the long haired Asian girl with her back to the camera, my mind went directly to work.  You might say that it haunted me until I pulled together the pieces to loose it on all of you.

Read carefully, dear reader.  You never know if the spirit of the season might come for you.


  1. Is this based on one of those saw movies? :p

    Really not a horror fan personally. They keep me up for nights on end. However for this, exceptions can be made.

    Fantastic job on the layouts! The text circling around looked a bit daunting to read, but following around an around almost felt like it was pulling me in. I love when handwriting changes to match a transformation in progress too!

  2. I really, really hope you end up making more caps in this universe! This was so, so, so very hot to read!

  3. @Kyra The movie inspiration for this one was 'The Ring'.


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