Friday, July 31, 2009

Of Curses and Karma

The urge

More mis-adventures from Tiresias' Hole.

Introducing Tiresias' Hole

I've been batting an idea around in my head about an exclusive
nightclub where every night is a wild sex party...the catch...the
club policy is that women must outnumber men 2 to 1.

They have their own unique way of reaching those numbers.
Each club-goer is given a pill when they enter that either contains
a straight drug/aphrodisiac cocktail or the cocktail plus a magical
bonus to turn the taker into a beautiful woman.

When the night is done, everyone goes home thinking that they
had a wild night out as their original sex...thus the business keeps

I'm thinking of having the business expand to private parties in
the future.

Massage - A comic style caption

Want to Cry

Oh Shit Oh Shit Oh Shit!!!
What happened to my wallet?
My claim ticket for my real
body was in there.

Why did I ever let my buddies
convince me to come to this
Nu-you resort for spring break?

I'm soo screwed. The resort policy
clearly said that the claim ticket
is required to change back.

I can't think straight. These damn
female hormones are just making
me want to cry.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Just one more thrust and this
beautiful new pussy of yours will
be stabilized for two weeks.

They usually to do these nanobot
modifications via injection, but
I find this method much more
satisfying. Don't you agree?

Experimenting with a new style

I've decided to experiment with a new cation style. Let me know if you like it or not. I eventually plan to dabble in a few comic style story pages, and this is kind of a step along the way.

Hey buddy, I suggest you stop
drinking that if you don't want
to end up like your three friends

I know. How much will it
take to make me a redhead
with tits bigger than theirs?

I don't think so

Read it and weep stud. I win.
That means that we get to stay
women for the evening and you
have to do us. The only pussy
you get tonight will be from
the outside.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Temple's Curse

"Unless you'd like to become a member of the
fairer sex, I suggest you turn around right
now and forget you ever saw this temple."

Read the fine print

"Ummm...I'm not really sure how to break this to you
buddy, but the spell book says here that you need to relations before you can change
back into a guy...I guess I'm your man.

If you're good, I'll consider being your woman later."

The Magic String

"Like what you see? I sure do. Now why don't
you come on over and show me what you've got?"

Ever since I tied the magic string around
Dave's neck, we've been much closer buddies.

I wonder how it feels for him. Maybe I'll have
to see for myself sometime.

Patience has its rewards

"Don't worry. You'll get your chance to wear
the magical garter later.

Right now, it's your job to show me how it
feels for a woman...and remember...the
better you show me, the better I can show
you when you're the woman."

Cursed Tan

"I have no idea how you did it, but
I was a man when I started my tanning
session. Now look at me!!!

Wait, don't look at me...just fix me."

"What??? You cursed the tanning bed and I
have to do what to change back??!?

Fine, but as soon as I'm back to normal,
your ass is going in here for a little

The Klutz

You enjoying the show asshole??!?

I wouldn't be in here trying to wash off those
chemicals if you wouldn't have been such a

Look at me...I'm an F-in woman. I'm starting to feel kind of strange.

I think the soap is reacting with the chemicals.
I feel kinda tingly inside.

Mmm...ohhhh that feels sooo good. How 'bout
you come over help me get clean. I feel like such a
dirty girl.

'Touch'y Football

Ken just found out what happens when the quarterback
gets sacked in a game of magical touch football.

Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to remember what
to do with the ball...since other balls are now
on his mind.


"I bet you're thinking you're so smart in getting
your buddy to come over so you can turn me into
your temporary fuck toy with that magical idol.

I have news for you...that's the only reason I
came over."

While I'm here

"That's right...I was your friend Kevin 5 minutes
ago, and I'll be him again in about 2 hours when
the potion he drank wears off.

Why don't you just enjoy me while I'm here..."


"As you can see Mr. Murphy, these magical heels
will ensure that you never leave a nightclub
alone again...unless you want to, that is."

Some of my older captions

This is a collection of some captions I did a while back.

Who am I, and why do I do this?

I'm a normal guy who has a sexual fantasy of men being changed into hot and sexy women. I'm straight and have a family that doesn't know about my fantasies, so that is the reason why I'm posting 'A Nony Moose'ly. Since my family doesn't know I do this, I may not be able to update often, but I want to get my captions out here in the hope that others out there might appreciate them too.

I'll start by posting up some of my older captions. Some will have my former pseudonym on them.

Comments are welcome.
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