Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Klutz

You enjoying the show asshole??!?

I wouldn't be in here trying to wash off those
chemicals if you wouldn't have been such a

Look at me...I'm an F-in woman. I'm starting to feel kind of strange.

I think the soap is reacting with the chemicals.
I feel kinda tingly inside.

Mmm...ohhhh that feels sooo good. How 'bout
you come over help me get clean. I feel like such a
dirty girl.

1 comment:

  1. uh uh whatis hapening to me i'm i'm changing growing all sfot and round getting smaller in height and my weight is shfting i'm getting a round ass and what rare thses breast and where is my penis oh it's all gone and and i i have a pussy now i'm i'm a girl what did this sopa do to me i'm female and and everyhting is so very different now please hurry and do me before i have a chnage of mind oh oh to late i'm i'm a girl completely my mind has shitfeted to i i ma thinking such strage thouhgts must have you in me and right now hurry out it in my pussy and fuck me i'm i'm a girl now at last! feels so good!


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