Thursday, July 16, 2009

Some of my older captions

This is a collection of some captions I did a while back.

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  1. ah at last i have it the strantest atifact yet ever brought up from the Titanic it is said that who ever puts on this braclet belt will become the last female person rescued from the sh\inking and that was a little girl who later died in 1929 she was me in a pervious lifetime and i want to be here once more please so i ma putting on the belt and and i i am going to become thta girl once more oh oh it is starting already i'm i'm chnaging grwoing breast and and my penis is going going it is gone and i i am a girl once again the girl i was back in 1912 oh oh feels so right like i have never really left that ship i ma a part of it even stilll even now you can never ever escape titnaic not ever once you were oin it you are a part of it forever and now i ma a girl once more! A titanic girl at last!


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