Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bimbo Spell


  1. The keywords include "intentional," does that mean he cast the spell on himself? Or that the person he casted it on intentionally went along with it?

    Now that I think about it, a "buddies" cap where a guy intentionally tries a bimbo spell on himself just to find out what it feels like, with the "friends-with-benefits" feel you caps have, without all the "mindless sex slave" outcomes a lot of those stories have, might be interesting...

  2. Or even better, he lets his buddy cast one on him, just to see what the experience would be like. Unless that's what this is...

  3. My original thinking was that they would be taking turns using the spell on each other.

    I like to try to leave the captions open to some interpretation. That allows for a wider appeal than just what I want to see.

  4. I like your more "casual/semi-nonchalant" approach to intentional transformations. I'd love to see you go back to something like this, but with a little more dialogue.

    A "during" caption, as the guy is transforming he goes wondering how it would feel to be a bimbo to thinking like a bimbo while he's talking without realizing he's changing.

    Or, even better, something like this but a little longer: a guy is almost through changing, but even though he feels the desires of a bimbo, his mind is mostly normal. His friend asks how he's feels, and he talks about sensuous it feels and how strange it is to be so turned on by his friend, etc, and as he's talks he changes all the way, and his talking gets simpler and more... bimbo-ish, until he goes from saying how odd it is to want his friend to giggling and talking about jumping him right there.

  5. Something tells me turning into a bimbo is an interesting experience.

    Something also tells me turning a friend into a bimbo is probably a very... "fulfilling" experience.

  6. uh uh not only to i feel like a girl i am a gir now and and i feel all so soft round and right now and i i need you inside of me please and right now please fil me up and makke me a permanet girl at last i want to be pregant by you and have your baby and and then i will be a girl for good and and everyhting i i am a girl your girl please hurry i i am so very horny and i i need what a girl need's!

  7. i just want to say, that i like girls and all, but i get turned on by tg stuff, im not gay or bi or anything, i just dont get why this stuff gets to me, maybe you could tell me? idk, im just glad i found someone that gets the same feeling, pleese reply nony, i need your help really :)

  8. @Patrick

    There are plenty of people out there that are confused by the fact that they have a fetish...and what you describe sounds as if your interest is just that.

    If you're wanting to better understand your interest and find people that feel the same way, you'll benefit from creating an account at

    There are a variety of people there. Several are on the sex reassignment surgery path, but many more are just guys that find the idea of experiencing womanhood erotic. As long as you can respect a wide variety of people, it's probably the best resource for TG captions and discussion available.


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