Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Excuse the Mess

If you stopped by sometime tonight, you may have seen the blog in various states of readability.  Since I don't have tons of time to work on captions at the moment, I was working on the things that I can...namely, the blog layout and design.

I think that I've finally got the kinks (not the sexual ones, of course) worked out of it all and have something that better reflects my style and content.  If there is anything that doesn't look right, ie. text that is unreadable, please let me know.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled reading.


  1. Five things:

    1. Your captions are great.

    2. I like how you're willing to experiment, and how you keep working to improve your captions over time.

    3. I'm totally impressed that you decided to work on the site design when you couldn't work on art. A lot of TG caption sites have gone inactive lately, and I thought you were dropping off the map as well, so it's awesome that you're sticking with it however you can.

    4. I like the picture of the books, but the static background combined with the bright orange color is a bit of an eyestrain. Maybe you could anchor the books to the bottom of the page, and then fill the top with a color code or a repeating horizontal strip? Also, if you could get a rectangle of neutral color to appear behind the sidebar text the way it does behind the post text, that would reduce eyestrain as well.

    5. You are fantastic keep at it!

  2. I've taken the comments to heart, and I think that I've come up with a successful rework.

  3. Muuuch easier on the eyes now. A little drab, but certainly painless to read. Although, I still think you could have kept the orange with enough work to counter-balance it.

    There's a good example of a background image anchored to the bottom of the page at Dinosaur Comics, so check out his page source:

    (Scroll to the bottom to see it, although the images along the top are anchored the same way.)

    And wow, we get another caption tonight too! Keep up the good work!


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