Monday, August 30, 2010

EP: Scrapbook-O-Sluts

Here is another cap that I had done for someone at Rachel's Haven.  The idea I had in mind for this cap is that a guy with an Enchanted Penis is likely to develop a big ego.  As part of that, he has started a scrapbook of his conquests...both to taunt his buddies and to relive the memories.

The dialog in this cap is intended to be the events replaying in that guys head as be browses through his scrapbook.


  1. Loved how this turned out and really enjoyed the back/forth dialogue plus layout you use especially in your enchanted themed caps.

    Nice thing with this scenario is it gives an open door to more pics to add to the ever growing collection.

    Keep up the great work. :3 ~

    ~One Eyed Pirate

  2. I continue to be surprised that he still has friends that don't know about his... enchantment. And you've definitely established his huge ego, given that he's again showing his habit of seeing his friends as conquests and in terms of how good a lay they are.

    And again, I like the way you do mental changes - generally they're a lot more fun when the change is temporary, and the way you always have the transformees realize what's happening and react to it before they change completely (without being overly cruel like some others) is great.

    While I generally prefer one dick per cap (mine) in tf/tg stuff and don't generally like sex scenes, these magic penis caps remain the happy exception - they've really grown on me, and I hope you do more with the scrapbook idea.

    In particular, the idea of one of his friends seeing the scrapbook photos of themselves as a bimbo after being turned back is interesting (some might be annoyed, others introspective, others actually reminiscing about their feelings as a woman, and some might think "man I was hot as a girl, if I were a guy then I'd totally hit that.")

    And I especially like the idea of him showing the scrapbook of one of his romps with a friend (or one of his long aggravated roommates) after the friend has long since turned back, and the friend commenting (annoyed, snide, or otherwise) on the experience while he pompously commenting on how great a lay he was... and maybe even teasing him by suggesting they do it again sometime (mainly because I like the idea of someone commenting on a bimbofication or mental / personality change after changing back).

    Though I wonder who was taking the pictures.

  3. "Though I wonder who was taking the pictures."

    That's what a tripod and a remote shutter release are for...

  4. My favorite so far, it sounds cliche to say "your best yet", but that's what I think. Also the model is a great choice.

  5. I'm actually kind of surprised he hasn't been Bobbit-ed yet. Of course, in this world I suppose the equivalent might be, "Subject to so many magical attempts on his masculinity he distrusts any drink he didn't serve himself," but still.

  6. Heh, I'd love to see the return of Candy, myself. Gotta love you eager she was once she got into the proper mindset.

    None of his other girls were so natural at it - they were horny, yeah, but Candy's got real personality! Such a minx. Hell, she was telling *him* how to do it.

    Makes you wonder if he's created a whole new personality in Jeff that was just dying to come out!

  7. Love them all. i just realized that all penises must be enchanted since i become quite a bimbo every time i see one.

  8. Who is the model in this caption?


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