Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Nu-You Sauna


  1. oh yeah this is so great now we both are girls and i love my new soft round self i now have a nice round bottom breast and a vigina i ma a girl inside to and you look oh so very nice as well now lets make love as two girls should i want you because i am now havig lesbina feelings for you how about yourself yes i feel the same way now to lets make love as two girls should i want you to wow this is great just what i have alwyas wanted to be a girl with a girl yes feels so very right at last we are girls!

  2. i probably shouldn't have come here with Haruhi, this resort has no men, all women still though i was Kyon, i'm a tinge horney, i wonder where Haruhi went though she said, that i should wash my hair and get a massage, i could've thought i saw a few toys in our room,and it may be me but i saw Haruhi holding a strap on dildo,

    anyway, i must get dressed soon and find Haruhi so i can sleep on our little agreement.


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