Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Looking for suggestions

My tastes in TG captions vary quite a bit. My main criteria is starting with a quality photo. From there, it's all up to where my imagination takes me.

Since I'm sharing the captions I produce through this blog now, I figure I should see if there is anything that the readers may want to see...so leave a comment to let me know what you like.

Source photos: Just nude women, lesbian, hardcore, something else?
Genre: chemical, magic, bodysuit, etc?
Comic style bubbles, inset narration, or keep the story off to the side?

Leave a comment, and there is a good chance that I can do a better job of giving you what you like.


  1. I like pregnant and smoking woman even both are sexy, Ya Ya I know that smoking is bad for pregnant woman but in the Tg Gallexy the baby would not come to any harm.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I've found some source images that I think will fit into your tastes, and I'll try to get a caption done up soon based on them.

  3. I know it's an old topic and this probably won't be read, but I might as well give feedback, it's the least I could do for your great caps. I love your buddies caps, especially the ones where the buddy isn't really malevolent (a lot of stories like that have the buddy deviously tricking his friend into being his slave or something), but gets his fun out of it anyway (like Clumsy Roommate or Fine Print), or where the friends decide to be "friends with benefits" with the aid of magic (like Magic String or Tryst). I don't really like full on mindless bimbo caps, so I'm glad you don't do those.

    If I'd suggest anything, I'd ask that you do more caps with women that aren't full on nude or naked. You know, for variety...

    Also, that instant feedback thing is a little weird - I can never tell if it took or not.

  4. Thanks for your great feedback. I too am not a big fan of mindless bimbo caps, so that is why I generally avoid them. I'll slip one in every now and then, but it is usually an accidental type situation.

    Now that you mention it, I do need to add a little more variety into my photo sources. I'll get working on that.

  5. Great site - captions I like to see are about accidental changes, or changes brought on to help someone else out (date for a prom, model for a photoshoot, etc). I love the high quality photos you use but, as another commenter already mentioned, nudity isn't always necessary. Last thing I'll mention is that I also love humour in a caption. It's hard to do well, but when done well it's priceless.

    Hope that helps! Keep up the great work!

  6. Do you take specific requests? Or do you just want an idea of themes people want to see?

  7. If you've got a specific idea that you'd like to see, go ahead and post it and I will do what I can to try to work it in...otherwise, general themes are good too.

  8. My imagination kind of went haywire, so sorry about the huge amount of overly specific requestage. Take or leave any part of these you want - use part, use all, use none, whichever.

    Generally, more "friends with benefits," or something similar, captions! But more specifically:

    The Magic Dating Game:
    For guys who think their friends would make great girlfriends, vice versa: a group of guys who want to help out a single friend of theirs, or random guys who sign up, who may or may not realize that they'll be joining the dating circle as girls instead of boys. Rules are the same: a guy gets to Q&A or hang around thre girls, who he may or may not be told are former friends/guys, and chooses one to go out with at the end.

    The continued adventures Of The Clumsy Roommate, as a continuing series. I have an idea of one particular segment of the story:
    We find our "heroine" once again accidentally tged. She complains to her clumsy roommate that this has been happening so often that they're actually starting to get used to it, and people are starting to think "she" is his girlfriend. She gets annoyed that anyone could think that, not realizing the irony that they are currently out together at a fancy restaurant (or a party), she's in a sexy dress, and they are planning on having sex tonight.

    * A guy, after seeing his friend's ex break up with him, wishes on a magic "something" that he would never again be taken advantage of by girl. This, of course, backfires - now, whenever any girl so much as flirts with his friend, he turns into his ideal girlfriend and determinedly seeks to "stake her claim" on him. The transformation is, as usual, reversed with sex, which "she" has no problem giving.

    * A guy pulls a prank on his roommate, using a magic "something" to turn him into a girl. His roommate is annoyed, as he does this all the time, not just because it's funny, but because he thinks his roommate is pretty hot as a girl, and he keeps trying to get "her" to have sex with him. "She" turns him down as usual, but as she irritatedly lectures him, it's clear that she's hiding that she's looking at her roommate a little differently as a girl, and he's gradually starting to wear her down. In this case, the spell wears off in a few hours, not reversed with sex (which may make it last longer if anything).

    * This one's a two parter, before and after. A guy finds out his friend is a virgin, and, since the friend is shy and doesn't know what to do in bed, he decides to help by turning himself into a girl and teaching him how to be forward and make a girl feel good. The first pic shows her getting ready and explaining that she's going to teach him what to do. The second pic is the morning after: as it turns out, "her" friend was so surprisingly mind-blowingly good that she wants to spend a little more time with him, using the excuse that she wants to keep "teaching" him to cover the fact that she's hooked on him.

    * This one's just a general idea - a guy has a magic "changing couch" in his house. It changes whoever sleeps in it into a sexy girl for a few hours. As you can expect, it becomes a subject of great interest when his friends come by - he only has so many beds, so someone always has to use the couch. And that's where the fun begins.

    * Another general idea: A bed and breakfast with owners who know magic and like to play matchmaker, putting enchantments on the beds to turn random unsuspecting guests into girls and subtly setting them up with friends or strangers.

  9. How about one with a pair of friends. One of them asks the other to help him move (or redecorate or something), and in return for the favor the other friend turns him into a sensuous girl and gets to have sex with him.

    Similarly, a guy lets his friend move in with him rent free, but, in exchange, the new roomie agrees to wear a magic "something" and become into his sexy, seductive girlfriend half the time he's there, which basically means every night. Which means they only have to buy one bed.

    Then there's an idea that's had it's fair share of uses already: someone allows his friend to turn him into a girl to make the friend's ex jealous, or to fool someone into thinking he's in a relationship, etc, only to fall completely into the role, and go all the way or fall for each other.

  10. A guy decides to help his depressed friend by turning into a girl, dressing up as a sexy cheerleader, and giving his buddy a "confidence boost."

  11. What do you think of these?

    Similar to the TG Dating Game posted above, how about a TG Game Show? Every time you miss a question (or maybe if you get it right), or mess up a challenge the contestant becomes more and more feminine. The game is over once someone turns completely into a sexy woman. If that's what happens if they lose, then the winner gets the loser as their girlfriend until the next show, or more if the loser decides they like it. If that's what happens when you win, then the winner gets to stay that way if they want to.


    I had another idea as well, about a series of bets. A guy says he could turn his friend into a girl, and the friend bets he can't. The guy wins of course, and when he sees how sexy she turned out he jokes that he would love to have her in the sack. Outraged, "she" argues would never enjoy sex as a girl. The guy quips that she would love it, and bets she'd even be a screamer. Too angry to turn it down, she takes the bet just to prove him wrong: If she doesn't scream for more, he'll turn her back and turn himself into a girl to return the favor, but if she does he gets to transform and have sex with her whenever he wants.

    (This is the moment where the caption happens, the rest is backstory/explanation) As they start to make out, the friend realizes that it actually feels good, and she starts to doubt if she'll be able to resist once they go all the way, and as they gets more and more into it and the feeling gets even better, she suddenly starts to wonder if she'll even want to win by the time they're done.

  12. Have you considered doing caps in existing universes, like Bikini Beach or Spells R Us? Something tells me you'd but an interesting spin on them.

  13. I've been following this topic since mid-1995, so I read many of the stories as the universes were created. While I've read plenty of TG fiction based in those universes, most of it has been a while ago.

    To this point I've avoided existing universes mainly because I'm sure I'd still manage to get some small detail wrong that may ruin an otherwise good caption. I'll need to consider it again to see if I can keep the reference general enough that I don't mess it up.

  14. You should try the "transformationcaption" Yahoo groups (there's three of them) - they do a lot of "universe" caps you might enjoy, with your style.

    I don't think you'd mess anything up - a lot of the universes are relatively open and vague, and people love variation, right?

  15. I love your "accidental" caps, especially ones that end with the new girl ending up having "intimate relations" with her friend, whether she needs to or not. I like how in those cases you rarely have the boy-turned-girl indiscriminately hating or loving it, you always have them in between being indifferent and figuring that if they need to do it they might as well enjoy it, and it's a type of transformee you don't usually see.

    BTW, will you do holiday themed caps?

  16. Sorry, I know this is an old topic, but I love college themes or anything involving ballerinas, dance or bondage...

  17. With all due respect, I humbly request something involving a beauty pageant, not sure what, though.

    I like situations where the transformee finds themselves having to (reluctantly) act feminine, kind of setting in, both to us and them, the fact that they've changed (the transformation itself, that's the key...)- Beauty pageants, shopping for girl's clothes, going on a date, getting married... stuff like that- especially when they're reluctant all the way but end up acting so well they even surprise themselves, or when they figure that, if they have to be girls for a while, they might as well go with it.

    That's part of why I like the transforms-and-has-"relations" cliche, though I much prefer the way you do it to the sex-slave and submission angles most others do.

    Also, this is a weird one, but could you do something involving a martial artist, karate student or something like that. Maybe in your needs to have sex to reverse the curse style?

  18. ^ Or when they wear heels, for that matter. Really sets in the fact that they've changed, subtler but just as strongly as if they had sex.

    Sorry for the long bit of text. It ended up longer than I thought it would.

  19. What about more multicultural pics? African American girls, Native American girls, Asian girls, Spanish girls, Antarctican girls, Atlantean girls (oh wait, the general public isn't supposed to know about that last one).

    Whenever anyone does a pic with a non-white girl it's always a white guy changing cultures for some reason, which isn't a problem, just extremely omnipresent...

    As for an actual idea... how about a love themed cap in honor of Valentine's day. I wonder if there's a love potion that also changes someone's gender?

  20. Have you ever tried phrase prompts? Y'know, taking random short phrases or sentences and making a cap out of them?

  21. Hmm...never heard of phrase prompts before. Not sure I really understand the concept. Can you give me an example?

  22. Ah, well, I'm just giving it a name it doesn't actually have. Dunno what it's actually called. Basically it's just taking a turn of phrase or title or something and making a cap based on it. Get a random prompt, make a cap out of it. Kind of a challenge, I supppose.

    I once saw a set of Yahoo group where someone did it off of song titles, for example.

    I dunno, something like "another one bites the dust" could be a cap with a game where the losers bimbify, and another person loses. "Hat Trick" could be about an enchanted hat. Etc.

  23. well i like captions that have to do with the person being changed against their will by a magical object of some kind. i also like it when their mind slowly begins to change to be like their body, like a sluty girl would think about sex and a blonde girl would get dumber and only be able to think about make up, hair ect. this isnt major but ive never seen a tg caption about a ginger that actauly talks about them being a sluty ginger and i think i would like that

  24. Don't know if you're still taking these, but in any case my main suggest is that you keep up the good work - you've still got it, man.

    As for specific stuff... well, if you're still doing the Enchanted Penis stuff, it might be interesting to see the continued adventures of our "hero" and his brother/friends - I wonder how entertaining a brotherly feud/prank war might be when one of them can turn the other into a sex-crazy chick. And the other magic penis dude allow for so many situations where he might not even know he's changed someone or who he's changed.

    But if you're not still doing that series in earnest, that's cool too: most of my favorite of your caps are those that aren't from that series - you're just that good. So... I humbly request more magical/buddies/mental change/etc caps in general. Really, I just love your stuff.

    Flattery aside, I also echo the request of bringing some multiracial girls into the fun. ;)

  25. I'm definitely still looking at all suggestions. I expect that continue the EP and EPR series as I find good photos to pair with it.

    I had a bout of burnout that I am hopefully recovering from. In the meantime, I'm in the process of tagging my extensive pile of photos so that I can more easily find what I'm looking for.

    Thanks for your faithful feedback. It really means a lot.


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