Thursday, April 3, 2014

Everything old is new again

A discussion recently came up where captioners were asked to dig back into their archives for one of their first captions to show new caption writers that even some of the best artists started small.  Part of the exercise was also in taking that first caption and re-imagining it with our current skills.  These are the results of my efforts.

The original caption from way back in 2007:

This is my updated version:

So...what do you all think?  Aside from fixing the typos, is the new version better?


  1. The new one has so much more 'professional flair'. More fitting font, better 'effects', and a setting for the background that fits the story. I love it :).

  2. I've always loved that caption and it is so well written on the new version, it is really a good quality job.
    Love it too :)

  3. I enjoyed the simplicity of the first one, but really liked the second one. You've taken so many large steps in what you're doing. Care to share your process with us?


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