Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Werewoman Local 609

I notice that this blog has nearly reached a huge milestone.  In just a day or so, it will reach 1 million views in the past 2 years.  I can't fathom my work being that popular, but yet...for some is.  Given my recent dry spell, it makes it even more amazing to me.

If you regularly read my captions, please take a moment to leave a comment to let me know what you like about my captions.  Here are some potential questions to answer to help me, but feel free to ask or suggest anything:

  • Is there something I've been doing that makes my captions more appealing to you?
  • Is there something you'd like to see me do that I haven't?
  • Are there caption series that I should continue?
  • Should I attempt to be more multi-cultural in my photo selection?
  • Are the multiple panel captions worth the effort it takes to make?
Now is the time for you to voice your opinion on how I should move forward.


  1. Hey Nony, just wanted to take a sec to post. I'm a big fan, been following your posts for over a year now. I check for updates almost daily (while you don't update as often as some other blogs and galleries, I can be sure that when you do, it's something I'll love).

    Some of my favorites: Happy Easter, An Errant Peek, Dick Wish, Friends with Benefits, the Bitch Seat, Bimbo Spell, I Found Your Ring, Break-up Bathroom Booty Call, Cramming for Finals, the entire EP series, including Awkward Moments, Dirty Damsel Drops, Idol.

    Photo Selection - Top Notch (don't need more multi-cultural-edness)
    Caption Series - Do more EP
    Multi-Panel - I'm not the biggest fan of these. The only one I've really enjoyed is Break-up Bathroom Booty Call. Other than that, I think you're extremely effective with single-image captions.
    Strengths - great balance of mental and physical changes, both detailed and implied

    Things I think you could add to your repertoire:
    -Remote control TF and or TG

    Please keep up the great work, it's definitely appreciated!!!


  2. i just wanted to say i really like the variety and differences in your caps. Some only concentrate on one topic or scene and yours have a real love of the topics.. I dont comment all the time but know you have a fan and I really like your lil corner of the net

  3. I don't mean to diminish your accomplishment, but there's a good reason your blog is reaching 1,000,000 hits. You're the #1 search result for "tg captions" on Google, which is a big accomplishment too. Actually, when I search for that, there's only about a page's worth of actual links to TG caption blogs, despite there being dozens. So, not only are you #1, you're one of only 10 or so good results. In fact, when I first started looking for TG captions, I used your blog as a jumping off point for finding other blogs of interest. You may be the Grand Central Station of TG caption sites! lol

    Anyway, since this is my first comment, I'll answer your questions as a courtesy.

    1. Hm... If there is then I can't recall. Maybe we just have similar tastes in what we consider sexy or interesting. Sometimes that's what makes the difference between what I follow and what I don't.

    2. Not really. If I followed you then I guess I'd like it if you kept up the good work!

    3. None that I can recall.

    4. That doesn't interest me.

    5. Not as far as I'm concerned. I like my captions short and sweet. I can see why some people might like reading a short story, but I prefer one-shot captions with only a paragraph or two of text.

  4. @Alexandrea I take no offense. Your statement is completely true. The most amazing thing is that I have no idea how my blog got to the #1 ranking on Google. I assume I'm the beneficiary of dumb luck and unconscious SEO optimization genius. LOL...OK...probably mostly dumb luck.

  5. 1) Your captions are far less prone to have stereotypes/tropes or mysogyny in them. Your stories and characterizations are frequetly more interesting than most other authors. You never use poor/small photos.

    2) Not really. Maybe anime art captions? Eh, not really.

    3) I really can't think of any. I know there are specific captions you done in the past I wouldn't mind seeing expanded, but nothing like a series I would like to see continued. Honestly, I'd be perfectly content of Mr. EP ended up getting his buddy with the other enchanted penis to catch a look planning to pay him back him only to have his buddy get an erection while transforming, trapping them both as women for all time. Also, yes. Don't go out of your way to, but keep an eye open for different enthnicities. Variety is always nice.

    3) That depends on the caption. If you're just taking a porn set and setting it to words with a tg theme, then no. If you're telling a story that needs more than one picture, then yes.

  6. 1. You're very good at doing mental changes - you have a way of doing very powerful ones without the extreme/subversive ways others do it - the best way I can put is they feel kind of... casual. The buddies theme adds to it, as well as your penchant for keeping them temporary. I like it when unwilling major changes don't have the permanent doom stamp looming over them: they're a little more fun when the transformee can turn back and think "holy crap, what just happened to me?"

    2. Not that I can think of.

    3. Should absolutely must continue absolutely? Nah. Do what you feel, man. The caps in your series are just as good as the caps outside them, and they're both great.

    4. Heh, please don't think I was criticizing you when I suggested that, it's was mainly for the same reasons as the guy right there ^. Keep an eye open, variety's nice. You don't get alot of people doing caps with different ethnicities that aren't explicitly race-change.

    5. Depends. The effort in the "scrapbook" series shows, and it's my favorite of your multi-caps, but if they're not worth it to you then they're not, y'know?

  7. Love the blog, I'd like to see anime caps. :)


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