Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Girls of Delta House

I wanted to change things up on a more tame note for this caption.  I've been doing a lot of pretty hard stuff lately, an I thought that a little change would be good for the palate.


  1. I wonder if there's some sort of Frat-Sorority outreach program.

  2. ha ha i like it
    if u like captins or naughty art pls try my blog

  3. well this comment doesnt relate to this post but its your most recent post right now so you might read it.
    i was wondering if you make captions according to sugestions. if you do could you make a cap about a man who is talking about how gross it is that girls poop and fart like men. then because his wife (or girlfriend) thinks hes being a jerk turns him into a very hot girl with big boobs and a nice ass. once he is transformed he finds that he has to crap very bad but also has the mind of a bimbo
    i know its kind o f a weird one but if you can thatd b sweet thanks


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