Friday, July 16, 2010

Enchanted Penis: Awkward Moments 4


  1. I wonder how the trainer knew about his special requirements. I'm guessing either the two of them have a very "unique" training regimen (with plenty of aerobic exercise XD), or some "fun" was had in the locker room.

    It seems like a good way to help out the team and get a little extra on the side - give a bunch of the reserve players a view of the magic in the showers and now you have a whole slew of cheerleaders all very "into their work."

    On the other hand, if our friend here has a personal trainer he/she'd agree that there's no more effective to have fun "exercising" for hours on end. And we all know trainers tend to personalize their regimens to their trainee's strengths.

  2. Or perhaps the better euphemism would be "invested in the team's success." XD.


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