Friday, June 11, 2010

Unexpected Side Effects


  1. If they could only find a way to control that curse... heh, some intrepid student could make a killing in the bordello business. Of course, you'd have to find a way not to change your customers (or change 'em back after they do some extra "work" for you, XD): that'd probably be bad for business.

  2. oh come on Jay you know you ahve so just alwaya wanted this well it is happening to you at last you are changing becoming a girl and right now you are grwoing breast and a vigina you are going to be one of us female come n Jay do not resits change jay ah oh no please just let me go ah oh chaning transforming can not stop it i'm i'm a girl a grl ah oh feel's so right now!at last girlhood got to go with it i feel so funny but right i'm female at last and i am one of you i do not wnat to leave now no not ever again i am a girl!


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