Friday, May 28, 2010

Modern Day Mad Scientist

This one is a little darker than I usually tend toward...hence the added noise to the photo and the vignetting.  I tried to keep it on the lighter side with the ending though.  It gave me an excuse to use one of the images I 'photoshopped' a few days ago too.


  1. Great cap -- needs a part two.

  2. ha ha yes exactly exactly but it is so very worth ti to finally be able to speard your legs the way girls do to finally be female and to be avle to get fucke that way instead of doing the fucking once you are a girl you will see it entierly differently and that's just what i want to be and to be able to do at last and then who knows's i may even get pregant and become a girl permanetly and why not that would be oh so very wonderful to be able to ahve a baby and i hope it's a girl juust like i want to be!


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