Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Nervous Talker


  1. Interesting spin on your usual "friend turns into girl for sex" cap. Ususally they're too caught up in anticipation to think about the after.

    Still, he should'nt worry. After all, he's a woman now, so if goes through with it technically he's still straight. ^^

  2. uh oh now i am a woman and and i feel so different now toward you i think i want you my mindi is all confused here now i ma having feminine thought toward you i think i want you as a woman uh oh feel's so different now that i am a girl at last please come over here and hold me i want you to love me as a girl want's to be loved please hurry i need to be held by you like a woman need's to be held and loved i am a girl now at last and and everything that is being a girl!


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