Monday, October 12, 2009

The Bitch Seat


  1. OOH wish I could do that, I'd totally agree to be someone's bitch.

  2. My, my, they can put tg spells on anything can't they?

  3. now then Jay i have alwaya known of your secret desire to be a girl and then once you were to be pleasured as a girl is meant to be pleasured so now that we have come into the enchanted wood's and you have just chnanged and transfomed into a rela girl at last how about me showing you waht i can do to you now that you are a girl yes oh yes please do this to me i don't know what ahs come over me but now that i ma female i jsut want you so bad please do whatever you want to me i am a girl now after all and i must do what this body wants's me to do at last i am a girl!


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